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A Baby’s Favorite Plaything (Christian Science Monitor – 27 November 2006)

My essay on being my son's favorite toy (and the many embarrassing public performances that accompanied that honor) appears today in the Christian Science Monitor. Excerpt: Like most expectant mothers, I read a number of books about pregnancy, wanting to

A lesson in history, but not from Hollywood (Christian Science Monitor – 9 November 2006)

An essay about watching war movies with my husband, a soldier who is fairly picky about how the great battles of the past are portrayed, was published in the Christian Science Monitor today.  Excerpt: We were less than 30 minutes

Microsoft Zeros in on Healthcare (Healthcare Informatics – November 2006)

An article on Microsoft’s growing footprint in the healthcare industry appears in the November 2006 issue of Healthcare Informatics magazine.  To read the article, click here.