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Looking Abroad (Healthcare Informatics – February 2007)

An article on what U.S. information technologists can learn from international Electronic Health Record efforts appears in the February 2007 issue of Healthcare Informatics. To read the article, click here.

Haggling by the Pound (Ottawa Citizen – 24 February 2007)

An essay about haggling in the Khan-al-Khalili market in Cairo, Egypt appears in the Travel & Leisure section of the February 24, 2007 edition of the Ottawa Citizen.  Excerpt: My husband tapped his foot impatiently as my son started to

Cerebrum 2007: Emerging Ideas in Brain Science

Bringing the Brain of the Child with Autism Back on Track, an article co-authored with Dr. Diane Chugani, will appear in, "Cerebrum 2007:  Emerging Ideas in Brain Science," to be published by the University of Chicago Press later this year.