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Discovering the “face” of memory (The Dana Foundation News and Features – 10 September 2007)

An article about recent research that demonstrated how learning and memory physically alters the size of synapses in the brain appears in the News and Features section of the Dana Foundation website. Excerpt: For more than a century, great minds

Brew Pup—The face that launched a thousand bottles (The Bark – Issue #44, September/October 2007)

"Brew Pup—The face that launched a thousand bottles," an article about Smuttynose Brewery’s famous pin-up dog, Olive, appears in Issue #44, September/October 2007, of the Bark.  The issue is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers and other newsstands this month.

Taste of a Memory, Tart but Sweet (The Washington Post – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my great-grandmother, cookies and memory appears in the StylePlus section of today’s Washington Post. Excerpt: "Do you remember, honey?" After she turned 95, every conversation I had with my great-grandmother, Babcia, seemed to both begin and end

A Great Leap Forward (The Christian Science Monitor – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my experience performing publicly after I gave up my dreams of being a dancer appears in today’s Christian Science Monitor.  Excerpt: I waited in the wings for my cue. My last performance had been more than 12

Roads to Recovery (Government Health IT – 10 September 2007)

An article on the DoD and VA's plans to share medical records appears in Government Health IT. Excerpt: After a series of news reports in March about conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other government health care facilities,

Keeping Baby Boomers Healthier Longer (Nutritional Outlook – July/August 2007)

An article on baby boomer health entitled, "Keeping Baby Boomers Healthier Longer" appeared in the July/August 2007 issue of Nutritional Outlook, a trade magazine for the dietary supplement and healthy food and beverage industry. Excerpt: In a recent study published