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Research suggests strong role for Vitamin D (The Dana Foundation Website – 9 March 2009)

Low Vitamin D levels have been linked to a variety of health problems in the past few years.  New genetic research suggests that Vitamin D may play a much better role in the development and maintenance of the immune system

Search widens for causes of psychiatric disorder (The Dana Foundation Website – 25 February 2009)

An emerging discipline, epigenetics, is offering researchers ways to understand more about how genes and the environment interact in the development of psychiatric disorders. Excerpt: Despite the recent leaps in our knowledge concerning the human genome, research in this area

Deeper understanding of the blood-brain barrier may lead to targeted treatments (The Dana Foundation Website – 9 February 2009)

An article about advances in understanding how the blood-brain barrier works may provide clinicians hope for better treatments for certain disorders.  Excerpt:  Several new studies of the blood-brain barrier may pave the way for better treatments of certain cancers and inflammatory