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Balanced between different worlds: A review of Sophia Raday’s “Love in Condition Yellow: A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage (Literary Mama – August 2009)

I recently reviewed Sophia Raday's new book, "Love in Condition Yellow:  A Memoir of an Unlikely Marriage" for the Literary Mama website. Excerpt: A change occurs when I tell people outside the military community that I am an Army spouse.

Post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury (The 2009 Dana Foundation Annual Progress Report on Brain Research)

For the 2009 edition of the Dana Foundation's Annual Progress Report on Brain Research, I contributed a chapter concerning new research directions in the study of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Excerpt: For decades, researchers have hoped to

Hotel Duo Review (Smith Hotels – August 2009)

On a recent trip to Paris, I wrote a review/essay about my experience at the Hotel Duo for boutique hotel experts, Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Excerpt: For many, driving in Paris rates somewhere between a visit to the dentist and replacing a

Amsterdam Hotel Reviews (Travel Intelligence – August 2009)

While in Amsterdam, I reviewed two hotels for luxury travel and hotel specialist, Travel Intelligence.  Hotel Pulitzer Excerpt: Leave your stereotype of the usual Starwood Hotels and Resorts property by the wayside – the Pulitzer is a charming and quite distinctive

New drug target reduces seizures in mice (The Dana Foundation Website – 12 August 2009)

A neuroscientist at Carnegie Mellon University has stumbled on a neuronal membrane channel that may shows promise as a therapeutic target to control epileptic seizures. Excerpt: Despite a variety of available drug treatments, many people who have epilepsy still are unable to

Immune gene evolution may be driven by parasites (The Dana Foundation Website – 22 July 2009)

Helminthes, or parasitic worms, may have helped shape the human immune system.  And that symbiotic relationship may be responsible for the rise of auto-immune disorders in developed countries. Excerpt: Soon after I brought my newborn son home from the hospital,

How stress affects the brain may depend on age (The Dana Foundation Website – 12 June 2009)

It's long been known that stress affects the brain.  But new research suggests that at what age you experience that stress may determine what kind of impact it has.  Excerpt: Researchers have long known that chronic stress can harm the

Anesthesia in young children may be linked to later learning disabilities (The Dana Foundation Website – 3 June 2009)

Scientists are now learning that the use of anesthesia in young children is correlated with learning disabilities later in life.  A piece discussing these findings appears on the Dana Foundation Website.  Excerpt: Each year, hundreds of thousands of children 3

Autism researchers explore genetic and environmental risk factors (The Dana Foundation Website – 14 April 2009)

An article about how scientists are trying to put both the genetic and environmental pieces of Autism's puzzle together appears on the Dana Foundation's Website. Excerpt: Although scientists diligently seek the genetic underpinnings of autism, the spectral nature of the