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Chet of Arabia (The Atlantic Monthly – March 2010)

Why do I travel to exotic destinations with my son?  In "Chet of Arabia," I discuss traveling to Jordan with my three-year-old son during my husband's deployment to nearby Iraq. Excerpt: We ENTER THE archeological park early in the morning,

Alzheimer’s drug may also treat Huntington’s (The Dana Foundation Website – 19 February 2010)

Can an FDA-approved Alzheimer's drug offer any relief for those who suffer Huntington's disease?  Some scientists believe so. Excerpt: A drug used to treat Alzheimer’s disease may help harness the protective pathways of brain cells to stay the deadly symptoms

Renowned journal retracts controversial autism/vaccine paper (The Dana Foundation Website – 10 February 2010)

What do scientists think about the Lancet's decision to pull Andrew Wakefield's controversial case study suggesting there might be a link between the measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism?  Read about it here: Excerpt: On Feb. 2, renowned medical journal The

Parkinson’s disease: A paradign shift (The 2010 Dana Foundation Annual Progress Report on Brain Research)

Once again, I contributed a chapter to the Dana Foundation's Annual Progress Report on Brain Research.  This year, I summarized the up and coming research into Parkinson's disease – and what that may mean for treating it in the future.

Cocaine vaccine may offer alternative therapy to addicts (The Dana Foundation Website – 4 January 2010)

Researchers are working on a vaccine for cocaine – a vaccine that may help addicts stay clean. Excerpt: Andrew Kent, 51, has been battling his addiction to cocaine for more than two decades. Though he has tried different recovery programs

Gene therapy offers hope for rare retinal condition (The Dana Foundation Website – 7 December 2009)

A one-shot gene therapy may offer sight to children with a rare retinal condition called Leber's congenital amaurosis.  A recent clinical trial of the therapy showed remarkable success. Excerpt: Three years ago, when nine-year-old Corey Haas was first diagnosed with

One man’s scotch whisky passion (Wine Enthusiast – 1 December 2009)

An article about Claive Vidiz's incredible 3400+ bottle scotch whisky collection – and how he amassed it – appears in the 1 December 2009 issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine.  The collection is now on display at the Scotch Whisky Experience

Military experts discuss the attack at Fort Hood (The Washington Post – 6 November 2009)

After the attacks at Fort Hood, the Washington Post reached out and asked if I'd give my point of view as a military spouse on what occurred for the Topic A section. Excerpt: As details about the shootings streamed across

Music training linked to better understanding of speech (The Dana Foundation Website – 30 October 2009)

New research suggests that music education may help individuals understand speech better – and may lead to new treatments for different speech-related disorders. Excerpt: French author Victor Hugo once wrote, “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and

Alzheimer’s drugs may help treat brain injuries (The Dana Foundation Website – 11 September 2009)

How might Alzheimer's disease and traumatic brain injuries be related?  I discuss that in this article for the Dana Foundation Website. Excerpt: For decades, scientists have postulated a link between traumatic brain injuries and an increased risk for developing Alzheimer’s