Breaches in blood-brain barrier might lead to later psychiatric illness (The Dana Foundation Website – 16 April 2010)

Dana_logo Individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injury may be at risk for later psychiatric illness due to "leaks" in the blood-brain barrier.


In 2006, Matthew
Stern, a 30-year-old soldier from Houston, Texas, was knocked
unconscious for nearly four minutes when his military vehicle hit an
improvised explosive device (IED) in Iraq.

“When I woke up in the
hospital, the doctor said I had a bruise on my brain and we’d have to
wait and see what the long term effects would be,” Stern says. Since the
blast, he has developed epilepsy as well as dizziness, sleep problems,
and recurring headaches and seizures. He expects to be on medication to
control the seizures for the rest of his life…

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