Taste: Malta’s Pastizzi (Islands – June 2010)

June_2010_cover_300 In the June 2010 issue of Islands, I wrote a Taste column about my love for the Maltese pastizzi – and what lengths I'll go to get one.


“It will be a long drive,” says our guide, Carmelo. He’s right, but I
don’t care. My mother and I worked up an appetite exploring the southern
part of Malta. Now we need pastizzi ta’ l-irkotta. I already
ate two of the savory pastries filled with creamy ricotta at breakfast.
These perfect, boat- shaped specimens have a crispy crust and velvety
filling. Still, no matter how many pastizzi I eat, I always want more —
even if it means driving to the other side of the island…

(To read the rest of the article, click here).

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