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Spinal cord injury: Study offers new way to predict who will walk again (The Dana Foundation Website – 14 April 2011)

A new testing protocol may help neurologists predict which individuals with severe spinal injuries will walk again.  Excerpt: Each year, thousands of Americans come to trauma centers across the country with devastating spinal cord injuries, often as the result of

Beyond cuddling: Oxytocin and the brain (The Dana Foundation Website – 14 February 2011)

Oxytocin is a neurochemical with significant reach.  So it's no surprise that it was well represented at the Society for Neuroscience's annual conference. Excerpt: Despite the variety of research topics one can find at the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting,

The brain signature of love (The Dana Foundation Website – 10 February 2011)

Want to know the latest research on the neurobiological basis of love?  Look no further. Excerpt: Study the literature of the world and you will find one theme that transcends both time and culture: that of love. Whether you are

Model predicts neural inhibition’s effects on anxiety (The Dana Foundation Website – 20 December 2010)

A better understanding of neural inhibition may provide new clues into the study of anxiety. Excerpt: Imagine the smallest decision –what part of the newspaper to read first, what time to leave work to avoid rush hour, what kind of

Cataloguing environmental toxins (Proto – Winter 2011)

The CDC tracks hundreds of environmental toxins in a random sample of Americans.  But what can that data really tell us? Excerpt: None of us can escape the myriad chemicals in the air, the water, our food and our homes.

Vitamin D found to influence more than 200 genes (The Dana Foundation Website – 1 December 2010)

A new study inks Vitamin D directly acts on over 200 genes and suggests the mechanism in which a lack of this hormone is linked to so many disease states. Excerpt: In the past few years, a deficiency in Vitamin

Doing away with malaria (The Dana Foundation Website – 24 November 2010)

Scientists are taking different approaches in the fight against cerebral malaria, a devastating disease that affects millions in Africa and Asia. Excerpt: In July, pop singer and “X-Factor” judge Cheryl Cole made headlines not for her new record or impending