Play is not a waste of time (TEDMED 2014)

In the morning, I’m headed to Washington DC to do my first ever TEDMED talk.  It’s about risk and play and mistakes and wonder–and includes an anecdote (or two) about my mother.  What could go wrong?

I’m excited to give my talk.  But I’m more excited to go to the event itself.  There are plenty of fascinating sessions this year–and I plan to take in all I can.  I hope brilliance transfers by osmosis.  Because I’m going to be surrounded by a whole lot of smart people.  I’ve been dubbed the “Edgy Science Writer” by the TEDMED folks.  But I have a feeling most of the other speakers and delegates could teach me a thing or two about edge.

(So if you’re there, and see me, say hi, wouldja?  It would make my day).

My session is entitled, PLAY IS NOT A WASTE OF TIME.  TEDMED describes it thusly:  “This session reveals the many ways that imagination rewards us, specifically how health and medicine are enhanced through the extraordinary power of play.”

After all, who couldn’t use a little more play time in life?

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