Basal Ganglia Contribute to Learning, but Also Certain Disorders (BrainWork – 23 January 2007)

An article on the basal ganglia and the area’s newly discovered prominence in learning and reward has been published in the Dana Foundation’s BrainWork Neuroscience Newsletter. Excerpt: Move over, hippocampus. The basal ganglia, a group of interconnected brain areas located

Building for the Shattered Mind: Partnering Brain Science and Architecture (Cerebrum – 20 January 2007)

A co-authored piece (with Russell Epstein, PhD) about the hypotheses generated at a recent Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) multi-disciplinary workshop entitled, "Neuroscience of Facilities for the Aging and People with Alzheimer’s," appears in the January edition of Cerebrum.

Bringing the Brain of the Child with Autism Back on Track (Cerebrum – 24 August 2006)

An article that I co-authored with Dr. Diane Chugani appears in the online journal Cerebrum.  The piece is about autism and how new research in molecular neuroimaging can help find new ways to treat the disorder with critically timed drug