JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  24 April 2015 Name:  C.M. Age:  40-ish. Occupation:  Scientist.  Self-employed Entrepreneur.  Wife.  Mom.  Polyamorist. Location:  Somewhere back in the Midwest. Q:  Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? C.M.:  I definitely do.  I’m not a daredevil–I don’t do physical


JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  17 April 2015 Name:  Drew Gilbert Age:  38 Occupation:  Sometimes Reluctant Nomad.  Artist.  Filmmaker.  Stay-at-home-Dad.  Partner of Christine Gilbert, founder of Almost Fearless.  One of the 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year.  Hammock enthusiast. Location: 

JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER: Celeste Brash and Josh Humbert

JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  10 April 2015 Name:  Celeste Brash and Josh Humbert Age:  43 and 44, respectively.  Married for 20 years. Occupation:  Celeste is a celebrated travel writer—chances are, if you’ve ever researched travel to Tahiti or Southeast Asia,


Starting this week, I’ll be hosting a new weekly feature: JUST AN EVERYDAY KIND OF RISK-TAKER. One thing I learned, as I researched the book, is that risk-taking is always in the eye of the beholder. So, to highlight the

RISK–scheduled for November 2015

My new book, RISK, is scheduled for release this November.  Here is the proposed cover.  What do you think?              

“This is Your Brain on…” at Chicago Ideas Week

This weekend, you’ll find me at Chicago Ideas Week.  I’ll be speaking at the “This Is Your Brain On…” session–joining notables like Patricia Churchland, Carl Hart and Deepak Chopra.  And my contribution, of course, will be a talk about sex,

Play is not a waste of time (TEDMED 2014)

In the morning, I’m headed to Washington DC to do my first ever TEDMED talk.  It’s about risk and play and mistakes and wonder–and includes an anecdote (or two) about my mother.  What could go wrong? I’m excited to give

Book Riot’s Smart Books About the Science and Sociology of Sex

I’m thrilled that Rebecca Joines Schinsky included THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SEX in Book Riot’s Six-Pack:  Smart Books About the Science and Sociology of Sex.  She writes: Kayt Sukel’s THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON SEX is another terrific offering

Authorgraph it!

At my various book signings, I had a lot of people tell me they were bummed I couldn’t sign their Kindle/Nook/eReader/iPad/device.  I always joked that I would be happy to sign it anyway (and one man did take me up

It sure has been quiet around here…

You might have thought I disappeared altogether. I wouldn’t blame you.  I have been scarce–not just on this blog but on social media as well. What can I say?  There have been a few changes.  Some of you may know