Taste of a Memory, Tart but Sweet (The Washington Post – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my great-grandmother, cookies and memory appears in the StylePlus section of today’s Washington Post. Excerpt: "Do you remember, honey?" After she turned 95, every conversation I had with my great-grandmother, Babcia, seemed to both begin and end

A Great Leap Forward (The Christian Science Monitor – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my experience performing publicly after I gave up my dreams of being a dancer appears in today’s Christian Science Monitor.  Excerpt: I waited in the wings for my cue. My last performance had been more than 12

Haggling by the Pound (Ottawa Citizen – 24 February 2007)

An essay about haggling in the Khan-al-Khalili market in Cairo, Egypt appears in the Travel & Leisure section of the February 24, 2007 edition of the Ottawa Citizen.  Excerpt: My husband tapped his foot impatiently as my son started to

A New Kind of Living Space (Irving Parent – November 2006)

My essay, "A New Kind of Living Space," was reprinted in the regional parenting magazine Irving Parent in November 2006.  The essay first appeared in the Christian Science Monitor titled as "Our Home’s Designer Look, Courtesy of Fisher-Price." 

Taking Care of Me (The Bark – Issue #40, January/February 2007)

"Taking Care of Me," an essay about how my relationship with my dog changed during my husband’s deployment to Iraq was published in Issue #40 of the Bark.  Excerpt: I did it again. I know that I shouldn’t have.  I

A New Kind of Living Space (Kansas City Parent – Winter 2006)

My essay "A New Kind of Living Space" was reprinted in Kansas City Parent magazine.  The essay originally appeared in the Christian Science Monitor titled "Our Home’s Designer Look, Courtesy of Fisher-Price" in December 2005.

A Baby’s Favorite Plaything (Christian Science Monitor – 27 November 2006)

My essay on being my son's favorite toy (and the many embarrassing public performances that accompanied that honor) appears today in the Christian Science Monitor. Excerpt: Like most expectant mothers, I read a number of books about pregnancy, wanting to

A lesson in history, but not from Hollywood (Christian Science Monitor – 9 November 2006)

An essay about watching war movies with my husband, a soldier who is fairly picky about how the great battles of the past are portrayed, was published in the Christian Science Monitor today.  Excerpt: We were less than 30 minutes

Understanding, Lost and Found in Translation (The Washington Post – 7 August 2006)

My essay, "Understanding, Lost and Found in Translation" appears today in the Style section of the Washington Post.  Excerpt: Alittle less than a year into my husband’s tour of duty with the Army in Germany, I lay in a bed

“Mozart Played on Kazoos?” reprinted in USAToday

My essay "Mozart Played on Kazoos?  Welcome to Salzburg!" (originally appearing in the 13 July 2006 edition of the Christian Science Monitor) was reprinted in USAToday.  To see the essay online, click here.