Kayt Sukel’s writing credits include personal essays in the Washington Post, American Baby, the Bark, USAToday, Literary Mama and the Christian Science Monitor as well as articles on a variety of subjects for the Atlantic Monthly, the AARP Bulletin, New Scientist, Healthcare Informatics, Parenting, Cerebrum, Islands, National Geographic Traveler, BrainWork and American Baby magazines.

Kayt also works with several corporate clients in both the healthcare, education and government sectors on writing and marketing endeavors. Past and present clients include the Vendome Group, the Dana Foundation, the Helmsley Trust and CorpComm, Inc.


A Few Clips:

How Do We Manage Tech That Changes Human Experience? (The Dana Foundation, 2 December 2019)

Wearable Brain Devices: Buyer Beware (The Dana Foundation, 3 October 2019)

Attack of the Edible Robots (Mechanical Engineering, August 2019)

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Personalized Mental Health Care (BrainFacts.org, 12 April 2019)

Artificial Intelligence: Looking Beyond the Hype (Medical Economics, 27 February 2019)

CRISPR and the Brain (The Dana Foundation, 11 December 2018)

Fixing Bones with Spider Silk Composite (Alliance of Advanced BioMedical Engineering, 2 July 2018)

Does Silicon Valley Have Enough Mechanical Engineers?  (Mechanical Engineering, December 2017)

Artificial Intelligence Ushers In the Era of Super-Human Doctors (New Scientist, 12 July 2017)

Epigenetic Changes Guide Development of Different Brain Areas (The Dana Foundation, 11 July 2018)

Mind Control:  Can Brain-Machine Interfaces Help People Navigate the Real World? (Mechanical Engineering, 1 July 2017)

The Truth About Research on Screen Time (The Dana Foundation, 6 November 2017)

Defying Dementia:  It’s Not Inevitable (New Scientist, 26 April 2017)

Making It Personal:  Geneticist Michael Snyder Puts a Face on Personalized Medicine (Pacific Standard, 14 May 2013)

They Never Forget:  The Strange Gift of Perfect Memory (New Scientist, 20 August 2012)

The Mental Preparation of High-Level Athletes (The Dana Foundation Website, July 2012)

Mammograms: The Year of Living Dangerously? (Pacific Standard, May/June 2012)

Chet of Arabia (Atlantic Monthly, March 2010)


Clients and Credits, Past and Present:


AARP BulletinAARP, the Magazine


The Atlantic Monthly


American Baby

American Express Custom Publishing



The Bark





Canon Communications


The Christian Science Monitor

Connection Magazine

Continental In-flight Magazine


The Convex Group

Cookie Magazine’s Going Places

Corp-Comm, Inc.


The Dana Foundation

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Healthcare and Productivity

Drug Topics

Executive Travel

Health News

Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare IT News Europe

The Helmsley Trust


Houston Chronicle City Brights Blog

How Stuff Works


Inside Healthcare Computing

Irving Parent



Kansas City Parent

Kansas City Baby


Literary Mama

Long Term Living

Managed Healthcare Executive

Medical Economics

MedTech Publishing

Military OneSources’s Blog Brigade

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

National Geographic Traveler

New Scientist

Nutritional Outlook

Onward Publishing

Ottawa Citizen

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The Tea Collection Blog

Texas Highways

Travel Savvy Mom

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USA Today

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