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Make this Summer Your #SummerOfRisk!

As I’ve traveled around talking about THE ART OF RISK over the past few months, I’m often asked how what I’ve learned about risk-taking has changed my life.  After all, that was the point, right?  When I started this book,

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The first review is in!

Kirkus Reviews just published its review of THE ART OF RISK.  The reviewer was kind enough to call me a “blithe and personable guide to risk-taking, sharing her own experiences and getting research scientists to open up about their findings.”


JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  8 May 2015 Name:  Chet (a.k.a, my kid) Age:  Old Enough to Know Better (Maybe) Occupation:  Elementary Schooler.  Science Fair Winner.  World Traveler.  Ankle Demolisher.  LEGO Addict.  Avenger-In-Training. Location:  Texas Q:  Do you consider yourself a


JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  1 May 2015 Name:  Lisa Schwartz Age:  32 Occupation:  Full-time Director of Lifestyle, Leisure and Resorts for Diamond Public Relations.  Part-time Yogi, Superhero and Travel Goddess. Location:  Miami, Florida…or some gorgeous resort somewhere down Caribbean way. Q: 


JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  24 April 2015 Name:  C.M. Age:  40-ish. Occupation:  Scientist.  Self-employed Entrepreneur.  Wife.  Mom.  Polyamorist. Location:  Somewhere back in the Midwest. Q:  Do you consider yourself a risk-taker? C.M.:  I definitely do.  I’m not a daredevil–I don’t do physical


JUST YOUR EVERYDAY RISK-TAKER:  17 April 2015 Name:  Drew Gilbert Age:  38 Occupation:  Sometimes Reluctant Nomad.  Artist.  Filmmaker.  Stay-at-home-Dad.  Partner of Christine Gilbert, founder of Almost Fearless.  One of the 2014 National Geographic Travelers of the Year.  Hammock enthusiast. Location: