Galapagos with Gap Adventures – Travel Savvy Mom (August 2011)

As part of a 9-part series for Travel Savvy Mom, I chronicled a 10-day Galapagos Islands adventure with Gap Adventures.  Excerpt: They say any journey begins with a single step.  Ours starts with a non-stop plane journey–and a queasy feeling

Letting go and exploring the world (The Balance Sheet, a blog – 16 August 2011)

I recently guest-posted for Allison Winn Scotch's popular blog, The Balance Sheet, about letting go and traveling with your kids. Excerpt: I have a confession to make:  I consider ‘balance’ to be a bit of a dirty word.  Sure,

Hearts and Minds (Houston Chronicle City Brights Blog)

I am now contributing a new weekly blog to the  Houston Chronicle City Brights collection:  Hearts and Minds.  In it, I discuss new findings in life, love and science.  With the occasional personal story thrown in. 

Chet of Arabia (The Atlantic Monthly – March 2010)

Why do I travel to exotic destinations with my son?  In "Chet of Arabia," I discuss traveling to Jordan with my three-year-old son during my husband's deployment to nearby Iraq. Excerpt: We ENTER THE archeological park early in the morning,

Four winter pregnancy worries – and how to deal (American Baby – November 2008)

Worried about your winter pregnancy?  I look at four worries about being pregnant during the wintertime for an article in the November 2008 American Baby. Excerpt: Being pregnant in winter may seem like a nuisance, but there are actually plenty

Pharoahs, and Pyramids, and Mummies, Oh My! (Travel Savvy Mom – June 2008)

A profile of a trip to Egypt with my son, along with several other hotel write-ups, appears on the Travel Savvy Mom website.  I will be blogging there regularly as a contributing editor. Excerpt: Egypt is filled with enough enigmatic

When your toddler is a late talker (Parenting – May 2008)

An article about toddlers and delayed speech appears in the May 2008 issue of Parenting Magazine.  Excerpt: If your toddler seems behind in speech and language, people often try to offer up "helpful" advice. Careful — they may pass on

Picture Perfect (Parenting – December 2007)

A short Ages+Stages piece on getting your toddler to smile pretty for professional photos appears in the December 2007 issue of Parenting. Excerpt: When Cindy D'Erasmo of New Rochelle, NY, took her daughter, Isabella, to the photographer on her first

In Her Shoes: The Fun Aunt (American Baby – November 2007)

An essay about my days as a "fun" aunt appears in the November issue of American Baby. Excerpt: The evidence of my transgressions lay before me. The drum set that couldn’t be played quietly if one tried. A toy cell

Dream On: The Fantasy Life of New Moms (American Baby – July 2007)

A list of humorous daydreams appears in the "In Your Words" section of the July 2007 issue of American Baby.  Excerpt: Sure, you once fantasized about romantic getaways, becoming rich and famous, or perhaps just finding that perfect pair of