A case for aging like a normal person ( – 15 December 2011)

Why I'm avoiding Botox–and the notion that I have an expiration date. Excerpt: The first hint that people thought I had an "expiration date" (a visible, indelible mark on my person, saying how much time I had left to be

It happened to me: I donated an orgasm to science ( – 28 November 2011)

sdfd What happens when you donate an orgasm to science and it goes viral on the web?  Well, let me tell you. Excerpt: After donating one of my orgasms to neuroscience, I watched a scan of my brain at the

Updating Facebook status, to divorced (The New York Times At War Blog – 22 November 2011)

For the New York Times' At War blog, I wrote a piece about military divorce. Excerpt: Soon after I married my Army officer husband, an acquaintance gave me a photocopied page of an old-school military spouse handbook as a lark.

Chet of Arabia (The Atlantic Monthly – March 2010)

Why do I travel to exotic destinations with my son?  In "Chet of Arabia," I discuss traveling to Jordan with my three-year-old son during my husband's deployment to nearby Iraq. Excerpt: We ENTER THE archeological park early in the morning,

Widow for a day (The Boston Globe Magazine – 16 November 2008)

An essay about my anticipatory grief during my husband's deployment appears in the November 16, 2008 issue of the Boston Globe Magazine.  Excerpt: Funerals always remind me of my father's funeral. So when I received an invitation to attend the

They called, I answered. It got to me. (The Washington Post – 21 September 2008)

My personal essay, "They called, I answered. It got to me," appears in the Outlook section of the September 21st edition of the Washington Post.  Excerpt: When my husband deployed to Iraq for the second time in April, he left

Pleasure Vs. Process (Wine Enthusiast – 15 December 2007)

An essay about how the experience of drinking wine in Europe differs from what I learned in a high-falutin’ wine tasting class appears in the December 15, 2007 issue of Wine Enthusiast magazine. Excerpt: On holiday in Greece, my husband

On the line: For the wife of a soldier, a tough call (The Washington Post – 12 November 2007)

An essay about my life during my husband's deployment to Iraq (including my serious cellular telephone addiction) appears in the Style Plus section of the Washington Post.  Excerpt: It feels like the first day of school. I decide to wear

In Her Shoes: The Fun Aunt (American Baby – November 2007)

An essay about my days as a "fun" aunt appears in the November issue of American Baby. Excerpt: The evidence of my transgressions lay before me. The drum set that couldn’t be played quietly if one tried. A toy cell

The Lonely Mother (Notre Dame Magazine – Autumn 2007)

The essay, "The Lonely Mother," appears in the Autumn 2007 issue of Notre Dame magazine. Excerpt: He lies in a glass box, his tiny face glowing golden from the red and yellow lights of the monitor nearby. The neonatal intensive