A case for aging like a normal person (xojane.com – 15 December 2011)

Why I'm avoiding Botox–and the notion that I have an expiration date. Excerpt: The first hint that people thought I had an "expiration date" (a visible, indelible mark on my person, saying how much time I had left to be

Updating Facebook status, to divorced (The New York Times At War Blog – 22 November 2011)

For the New York Times' At War blog, I wrote a piece about military divorce. Excerpt: Soon after I married my Army officer husband, an acquaintance gave me a photocopied page of an old-school military spouse handbook as a lark.

Hearts and Minds (Houston Chronicle City Brights Blog)

I am now contributing a new weekly blog to the  Houston Chronicle City Brights collection:  Hearts and Minds.  In it, I discuss new findings in life, love and science.  With the occasional personal story thrown in. 

Vitamin D found to influence more than 200 genes (The Dana Foundation Website – 1 December 2010)

A new study inks Vitamin D directly acts on over 200 genes and suggests the mechanism in which a lack of this hormone is linked to so many disease states. Excerpt: In the past few years, a deficiency in Vitamin

Can the Army’s new suicide prevention plan really work? (TheAtlantic.com – 29 July 2010)

Will the pervasive military culture allow the Army's new suicide prevention plan to work? Excerpt: The U.S. Army's Task Force on Suicide Prevention released a comprehensive report this morning, assessing the Army's now-acute suicide problem and outlining the leadership's plans

Military experts discuss the attack at Fort Hood (The Washington Post – 6 November 2009)

After the attacks at Fort Hood, the Washington Post reached out and asked if I'd give my point of view as a military spouse on what occurred for the Topic A section. Excerpt: As details about the shootings streamed across

Talking About the Problem (Literary Mama – 22 January 2007)

My Op-Ed on the lack of desire to discuss the efficacy (or lack thereof) of Megan’s Law is now up on the Literary Mama website.  Excerpt: Not long ago, I was discussing the DaiShin WolfHawk case with some friends, most