Superfoods help heart health (Nutritional Outlook – April 2008)

A story about superfoods and how their consumption can benefit cardiovascular health appears in the April 2008 issue of Nutritional Outlook. Excerpt:You can hardly open a magazine or newspaper these days without reading about so-called superfoods.  Exotic foods such as

Brew Pup—The face that launched a thousand bottles (The Bark – Issue #44, September/October 2007)

"Brew Pup—The face that launched a thousand bottles," an article about Smuttynose Brewery’s famous pin-up dog, Olive, appears in Issue #44, September/October 2007, of the Bark.  The issue is available at Barnes and Noble Booksellers and other newsstands this month.

Taste of a Memory, Tart but Sweet (The Washington Post – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my great-grandmother, cookies and memory appears in the StylePlus section of today’s Washington Post. Excerpt: "Do you remember, honey?" After she turned 95, every conversation I had with my great-grandmother, Babcia, seemed to both begin and end

A Great Leap Forward (The Christian Science Monitor – 10 September 2007)

An essay about my experience performing publicly after I gave up my dreams of being a dancer appears in today’s Christian Science Monitor.  Excerpt: I waited in the wings for my cue. My last performance had been more than 12

Keeping Baby Boomers Healthier Longer (Nutritional Outlook – July/August 2007)

An article on baby boomer health entitled, "Keeping Baby Boomers Healthier Longer" appeared in the July/August 2007 issue of Nutritional Outlook, a trade magazine for the dietary supplement and healthy food and beverage industry. Excerpt: In a recent study published