It happened to me: I donated an orgasm to science ( – 28 November 2011)

sdfd What happens when you donate an orgasm to science and it goes viral on the web?  Well, let me tell you. Excerpt: After donating one of my orgasms to neuroscience, I watched a scan of my brain at the

Reactive temperament in infancy linked to amygdala activity later in life (The Dana Foundation Website – 18 November 2011)

Jerome Kagan's lab at Harvard University is finding that early temperament is linked to later activation differences in the amygdala. Excerpt: My great-grandmother once told me that babies keep only one trait throughout the course of their lifetime—their temperament. It

Brain Receptors – A Primer (The Dana Foundation Website – 4 November 2011)

Neural receptors play an important role in several neuropsychiatric disorders.  Here is a basic primer on how they work. Excerpt: Synaptic transmission begins when one brain cell releases a neurochemical into the synapse. The transmission, however, is not complete until

Your brain and online dating (Happen Magazine – October 2011)

What did I learn as I researched DIRTY MINDS that may help in the dating world?  I spilled some of the details to Happen,'s magazine. Excerpt: Kayt Sukel is the author of Dirty Minds: How Our Brains Influence Love,

New Army risk and resilience project searches for signs of potential suicide (The Dana Foundation Website – 8 September 2011)

An ambitious new research project led by the U.S. Army and the National Institute of Mental Health hopes to find predictors of suicide for members of the military–and beyond. Excerpt: In the late 1940s, the National Heart Institute (now called

Is the neuroscientific study of pain lagging? (The Dana Foundation Website – 30 August 2011)

A remark at the One Mind for Research summit inspires the question, "Is the neuroscientific study of pain lagging?" Excerpt: Earlier this year, scientists, politicians and other healthcare advocates came together to share their hopes for the next decade of

Hearts and Minds (Houston Chronicle City Brights Blog)

I am now contributing a new weekly blog to the  Houston Chronicle City Brights collection:  Hearts and Minds.  In it, I discuss new findings in life, love and science.  With the occasional personal story thrown in. 

Biomarkers–A primer (The Dana Foundation Website – 2011)

Biological markers, or biomarkers, are changing the field of science and medicine by providing novel ways to predict, diagnoses and treat different diseases and disorders. Excerpt: Biological markers, or biomarkers, are substances that indicate a particular biological state. Today, neuroscientific

Cataloguing environmental toxins (Proto – Winter 2011)

The CDC tracks hundreds of environmental toxins in a random sample of Americans.  But what can that data really tell us? Excerpt: None of us can escape the myriad chemicals in the air, the water, our food and our homes.